Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let The Chase Begin

The regular season has ended and the champion proper, Kevin Harvick, walks away with a hearty slap on the back and nothing more to show for his remarkable recovery from an embarrassing 2009 season. Just ask Jeff Gordon how unfullfilling being the points leader after 26 hard fought, productive races, can be. If NASCAR is determined to go forward with the chase format, as I'm sure they will, at least give some recognition and reward to the driver and team leading before the points reset. All the stick and ball sports do so with conference and divisional championships, and after-all, isn't NASCAR trying to follow in their footsteps? Have a regular season champion with a 20 point bonus for the chase.

Kevin will be seeded third, tied with The Master Of Disaster Kyle Busch, but he should be proud of his and the #29 teams' efforts this year along with the entire RCR organization. Having all three team cars in the chase after last year's collapse would have seemed delusional in February.

To add insult to injury to Harvick being dropped to the 3 seed is the hamster, Denny Hamlin, taking over the top spot in the chase. I'm all for "anyone but Jimmie" but if Kevin looses the championship to that rodent that's going to make for a long winter break. I don't think Denny is up to the challenge but just the thought is frightening.

So here are my picks for the chase....

1) Kevin Harvick- I know, big surprise. But seriously, I believe his consistency and desire this year will finally get him the Sprint Cup Championship.

2) Tony Stewart- Tony is coming on strong and will pick up a couple wins.

3) Jimmie Johnson- He is only human.

4) Denny Hamlin- Equipment failure will haunt him.

5) Kyle Busch- He's my wild card and depending if he keeps his head on his shoulders could give Havick the most trouble.

After that, who cares. Better luck next year boys.

It's been almost a year since my last post but hope to update through the chase. Thanks for stopping by and let's hear you got for the final 10 races.