Monday, March 19, 2012

NASCAR's Wishy Washy Rules.

   I've been watching motor-sports of all kinds for 40 years and the one thing you don't do is cross the start line ahead of the pole sitter. NASCAR has bastardized the ethics of racing sportsmanship. Drivers from go-carts on up are taught to obey the rules. Then, if your lucky enough to get to the pinnacle of the sport, the holy grail of racing, where drivers from around the world want to drive with the best of their peers, rules, suddenly, are subjective. Is it any wonder that athletes and reporters of other sports find auto racing laughable? In Sunday's Food City 500 from Bristol the #17 of Matt Kenseth clearly jumped the restart on Brad Keselowski in the Miller Lite Dodge and did not give back the position nor was he black flagged by NASCAR. How would it be in football if the team that won the coin toss was told by the referee-I know team A won the toss but I'm going to let team B go first because you didn't call heads-or-tails fast enough? Brad Keselowki is taking the high road on this issue, and how can you blame him, he won the race. But drivers need to speak up and hold NASCAR accountable. Is there anyone in that garage with the 'nads to speak up?
   I don't know how much influence Brian France has on day-to-day functions, and we can't really get rid of him anyway, so, the next best thing would be to have a clean sweep of management. Helton has lost all credibility and is hurting the reputation of the sport. I think I represent a fair amount of long time NASCAR fans that are disgusted in what I see coming from the governing body. The out and out vendetta against Chad Knaus is an abomination. If you want to punish him for embarrassing NASCAR on national television last year, then do so. Sit him down for 6 races, fine him, ban him, I don't care, but don't pretend that it's anything other than that that your doing. Jimmie's car never set rubber on the track, don't penalize the team for something that was never inspected in the first place. Again, NASCAR rules are implemented subjectively to the detriment of the sport.

   Fans are not stupid, although they are portrayed to be because of the actions of the governing body. They are capable of understanding that this is a dictatorship, or more of a club than a sport, like The Masters and Augusta, and as such sanctions will be handed out to protect the image of the club\sport. But, disguising those sanctions as "double-secret probation" or enforcing an ever waffling rule book, is insulting to those who have followed for so long.

   So NASCAR I'm imploring you to stop treating your fans like ignorant hillbillies and come clean. Tell it like it is, fine evenhandedly and sanction those that need it. But stop pretending your fans can't see through the smokescreen.