Friday, January 16, 2009

Caution Periods Aquire Full Time Sponsorship

It seams our wish for shorter caution periods and decreased yellow flag laps has taken a turn for the worse with the announcement that ServiceMaster Clean has become the title sponsor for all caution periods at SMI and ICS speedways.That includes Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Truck series events around the country. According to Jayski;
"All cleaning and drying vehicles and equipment will feature the ServiceMaster Clean logo and colors, and the clean-up teams will wear bright yellow ServiceMaster Clean jumpsuits."
I have to tip my hat to the folks at ServiceMaster Clean for realizing that a vast portion of every race was going unsponsored. That's thinking out of the box folks. Of course for us that can only mean guaranteed caution periods for every piece of hot dog wrapper, water bottle (thanks Carl) and tissue from fans crying their eyes out from fewer and fewer green flag Racing laps.

What could possible be next? " This crash brought to you by the fine folks at Big Jims Towing, where our motto is You Crash It, We Snatch It." Oh this is going to be a looong year.


  1. hey KG testing 1 2 3 ok 4 so now mp will be jealous from Gator

  2. ok lets see if my name shows btw where is the grilled cheese section?

  3. or Joe's porta potyy systems gives an automatic 5 minute yellow flag for pee breaks

  4. the lines are always long at the track during a caution, it sucks

  5. Those bright yellow jump suits will give the drivers something to aim for.
    1 yellow jump suit- 5 chase points
    1 yellow jump suit pushing a broom - 10 chase points.
    2 yellow jump suits - 15 chase points
    1 yellow jump suit on a radio telling everybody else what to do 100 - chase points.

  6. Your a sick puppy Baja. I like it.

  7. Could have been worse. Could be sponsored by Mary Kay. I seen then wrapping one of our trucks today. Actually don't look so bad lol.

  8. Welcome brewmeister, I hope you brought the good beer.