Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chip And Dale Are Running Out Of Nuts.

I know times are tough these days in the Nascar world with teams joining forces in an attempt to stave off extinction. We've even seen the near collapse of the Kingdom of Petty and their rebirth
The joint effort of Hall of Fame and Yates Racing. But the most mind boggling situation has to be the union of Chip Gannasi Racing w/ Felix Sabates and that of the iconic Dale Earnhardt Inc.. 

In a seemingly crazy move Tuesday Earnhardt Ganassi Racing swapped it's Target sponsorship from the unmanned #41 to Jaun Pablo Montoya's #42 Chevrolet that supposedly already had full time sponsorship according to Martin Truex.  

What makes this bizarre is the fact that the # 8 car driven by Aric Almirola is completely unsponsored except for the the first race at Daytony on February 15. 

Now I'm no rocket scientist but if you have one car with full time sponsorship and no driver and another car with a driver and no sponsorship, it would make more sense to me to marry those two programs together and end up with one solid entry for the remainder of the season. But what do I know. 

The fact that that wasn't done has to lead you to believe that Target had no confidence in the young Almirola or any of the free agent drivers on the market today. 

With the 2009 season almost upon us it is becoming more and more obvious just how bad a situation EGR is really in. I wonder if Teressa spends sleepless nights reminiscing what was and regretting what could have been. 


  1. Teressa screwed up big time. She should have let jr run the racing portion and she could have handled the merchandise and promotional aspects. Now she's merging with other teams and losing DEI. I bet Senior is rolling in his grave, thinking that the grill cheese wasn't worth all of this.

  2. It really makes you wonder doesn't it? IMO- things have been equally as screwy at Ganassi with the who;e Franchitti mess last year in the #40, and the crew chief changes with JPM.

    Looks a bit like the blind leading the blind from here.....

  3. Evidently it is an untrue myth that Theresa was the "brains" of Seniors career as shown in the documentary. And it is also an untrue myth that Theresa was the "brains" in making DEI go to the top during the 1990's. Even the movie "Dale" put Theresa's business savy way above what it really was. Go figure, goodby DEI.

  4. The only thing more overrated than Teresa's business abilities is Junior's driving talent or lack thereof.

  5. JPM's in the #42 not the #43!!..and the 43 does not have one primary sponsor for the whole year,it's going to look like last year's car with different sponsors at every race!Getting back to Teresa,about the only thing she knows how to do is sell souvineers!I know I spelled that wrong!

  6. EGR: None of us are a stupid as all of us.

    I am not sure why people consider Teresa Earnhardt a good businesswoman. She had a cashcow and she let it go out of spite. All he wanted was majority ownership. If Teresa was half way intelligent, or if she had intelligent people advising her, she would have known that 49% of DEI with Junior in charge is worth a whole lot more than 100% without him there. Wait a year and you will be able to buy the entire operation for about 20 cents on the dollar.

  7. Oops! Thanks for the correction Anonymous, must of had Petty on the brain.